Every business has a story.
How will you experience yours?

Hello and welcome to all of you who create and build beautiful businesses. You are dear to my heart. Because you know, deep in your soul, that your business is so much more than its colors, tag-lines and logos. It’s more than your services and products. Your business is your beliefs. Your life’s purpose. Your story. Your business is you.

It’s why you’ve put countless hours and dollars into your business brand to reflect the real you. Your website? Gorgeous! Your logo? Nailed it. Now, let’s take a look at the command central of your beautiful brand. The place where your business really happens. Your office. Your home. Do you feel that same warm glow of pride and affection?

Imagine how you would change the world if the space in which you live and work was as powerful, authentic and beautiful as your business!

Together, we’ll match reality to vision by bringing your brand off the (virtual) page and into the physical world. Whether we’re relocating your business from the kitchen table to its own dedicated space; designing the perfect studio setting for your webinars; creating memorable workshop experiences for your tribe; or moving your family into a new home now that your business is really taking off, we’ll co-create inspired spaces that beautifully tell the story of your business…and your life.

The best design is always collaborative, gently pushing creative boundaries and exploring new ideas.

We all have a story, what’s yours?

Style Story


Style Story


Beyond Your Kitchen Table

A Soulful & Practical Course in Designing Your Own Splendid {Work}Space

What they say.

“Peg is a master at understanding people's personalities! And not only did she nail what we were looking for, she understood our need for color right away.”

Ally & Bob

“StyleStory is a very collaborative, artistic process. It's all about creating a personal vibe, and it really requires everyone to participate. Every day I look around my home and say, ‘Wow, this is brilliant!’”


“Peg really helped us transition from a very traditional look to something much more eclectic. Now, our space truly represents us both. We love it!”

Leslie & Ralph