StyleSignature: Grace. Refinement. Calm.

The Clients:
Leslie & Ralph, Real Estate Professional & Physician

For Leslie and Ralph, we took our time to discover the true essence of their greatest desire: Feeling “at home” in their new, smaller space. They’ve collected some wonderful signature pieces together- including curio cabinets filled with personal treasures and a contemporary art collection. Their StyleStory challenge? How to weave together Old World and Contemporary design in a way that remained calming and pure.

The solution? A focus on light. Not just with the remarkable chandeliers, but in texture, as well. Upscale fabrics with a hint of shine that speak to luxury. A sprinkling of metallics for reflection. An emphasis on groupings that create an airy openness, inspiring deep breaths and relaxation. All with a neutral, creamy palette. But never wanting to bore (this couple is the antithesis of boring!), the occasional bold stroke of color is employed to delight the eye.

“Peg really helped us transition from a very traditional look to something much more eclectic. Now, our space truly represents us both. We love it!” Leslie & Ralph

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