My talent lies in the ability to artfully guide creative entrepreneurs like you.

How We’ll Work Together: The Inside Story

Understanding what makes your eyes light up, what inspires you, what makes you feel alive—these are the juicy insights we’ll be after. These are the details that inspire new ideas, and new ways of seeing things. And it’s how we’ll craft the StyleStory that brings your brand to life.

I will take the extra time to really get to know you. How you live.  How you work. What makes you happy. That little detail you mention? The one that makes you slide forward in your chair, ever so slightly?

I notice. I’ll listen carefully, and we’ll continue that conversation throughout our time together. It’s a creative, fun process of discovery. And you’ll love it. I promise!

My  talent lies in the ability to artfully guide creative entrepreneurs like you through the process of telling their brand’s StyleStory in any three-dimensional space. Every detail is considered, from mood, light and palette to how you will use and move through the space.

Together, we will curate choices of interesting, one-of-a-kind, storied objects that evoke feelings of warmth, inspiration, belonging and connection. Add that all up, and you have a space that lives, breathes and amplifies all that you treasure and hold dear. A space that works as hard as you do, beautifully. A space that honors and inspires your creative genius. No  matter what your design goals may be, the process always begins with your StyleStory. And every StyleStory always leads to a uniquely beautiful outcome!

“We all have a story-what’s yours?”


WHO ARE YOU REALLY? If I asked you to sum up your lifetime of experiences, to distill all that you are into a few descriptive words, would you be able to do it?

YOU ALREADY POSSESS ALL THE TOOLS YOU NEED TO GET CRYSTAL CLEAR on those descriptive words. Through the StyleStory inquiry process, you’ll explore and examine the many facets of the personalities of you and your brand. And through the process, you’ll distill your answers down to a handful of powerfully descriptive words—your unique StyleSignature. Think of your StyleSignature as the narrative of your story.

But words alone don’t tell the whole of your story! By adding a visual component, we capture the full expression of your story, and in turn, craft a handy visual guide (your StyleStory) that can be used over and over to clearly  communicate who you are in every design decision that you make.

YOUR PERSONAL STYLE STORY is the launch point for your interior design project.  We’ll apply your new self-knowledge, clarity and authenticity to help create the home of your dreams.

Take a look at these StyleStories and see how they came to life.

Style Story


Style Story


Create Your Own Style Story

A Soulful & Practical Course in Designing Your Own Splendid {Work}Space

Words from delighted clients.

“I think StyleStory is perfect for creative entrepreneurs because we already understand how important great energy, essence and design are for our business. StyleStory was so much fun and spot on. It's a powerful tool-I'm a little speechless. Thank you!

PR Jones, The Iconic Group

“It’s so important to completely embody your brand, right down to the space that you work in, the clothes you wear, and even the music you listen to. It took me such a long time to figure out how to design my workspace. I would have completely benefitted from a program like yours when I was stressing over what to do! There is such a need for this!”

Sarah Masci Design

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